Q Life(Possitive Vibes)

April 21, 2020 Mark/Paul/Kris Season 1 Episode 3
Q Life(Possitive Vibes)
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Myself,Paul and guest Kris discuss Quarantine Life, The Global Pandemic and what we are doing to stay both physically  and mentally healthy etc... 

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spk_0:   0:00
Hello, everyone. I hope all is well, at least as well as he can be in these times. And everybody is safe, keeping healthy both physically and mentally. I want to thank all the essential workers out there for everything they're doing to make sure we are safe and healthy. But like everything, this too shall pass as long as we work together, because life is always game for us. So let's be always game for life if anyone has any thoughts, feelings or maybe even questions warning some of the challenge hit me up on any of my platforms. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etcetera. Well, but no further, do you? Let's get to the show. This is myself, Pole and a friend of ours, Chris. It's did. It's just

spk_1:   0:49
looking at some of the latest info on the cove it daughter released here in B C. And from what I see, we've got three new deaths and they got 29 you confirmed cases. Um, you guys know much about what the phase one of the reopening of our economy is going to be here in B. C.

spk_0:   1:08
I am here much, except for you just want to slowly do it this one of solar? I

spk_1:   1:13
tell you, Chris. Okay, Well, from what I've heard, based on on President Trump's model, I believe we're going to adopt the same policy here. And I think we're gonna have to go on a 14 day trend of lore. Reported new cases. Now, I think it's gonna be really hard, Fresh air in BC cause our new reporting numbers are so low, like we're usually between 20 and 30 a day currently. And there are other places in our own country that are like 506 100 cases in the day. So I think from what I've heard, we're going to be one of the world kind of leading cities to kind of open up the economy soon. And I also heard that, like, you know, Hollywood's gonna be bringing a lot of their production teams kind of up here to start shooting and filming because we seem to be a lot more safer than a lot of the city's down there right now. Now I still think that our best defense against this cove it is to stay really healthy and fortified, like like more where some of the things you've been doing personally to try to keep yourself protected.

spk_0:   2:31
Just eaten proper sleeping proper.

spk_1:   2:34
Now what do you getting lost? I see. Eating properly. Like, what's a good diet?

spk_0:   2:38
I've been eating a lot of fruits. A lot of veggies? Definitely. That's your your vitamins, right? Um, butter, oranges, bananas, apples of uneaten. A lot of veggies. Spiritus, um, corn peas, beings. I mean, you name it just

spk_1:   2:59
a wide variety. Not much junk food.

spk_0:   3:01
Holy flower. Whatever. Yeah, just just veggies and fruits and just eat, man and stay healthy.

spk_1:   3:10
What about you, Chris? How have you been getting your actual nutrition and your your groceries and I take it from your life. You haven't been eating for operas.

spk_0:   3:20
Yeah, I dated You haven't been

spk_2:   3:22
looking of the cooking. Oh, uh, I bill how you have it.

spk_0:   3:32
I'm sure we all do.

spk_1:   3:35
What about actually getting supplies in your household

spk_2:   3:41
Grocery delivery?

spk_1:   3:44
Who do you use for grocery delivery

spk_2:   3:49
now? No, no, I e

spk_0:   3:53
ask your superstore. Does

spk_2:   3:56
his delivery, Teoh? Yeah, yeah,

spk_1:   4:00
yeah. That's one thing I haven't personally done myself. I actually go into the high risk environment. I tried to gear up of my face mass my gloves and I go into the actual storefronts, do my shopping and then come home and try to sterilize everything and myself. But you know, like it feels like that. But I feel pretty confident going out now hearing such low numbers here in B. C. But I also I I look quite often at all the, you know, fear things they have out there and how they say it is in other countries. Well, they say how it's so readily to be airborne in a enclosed space. Like if one persons infected a small room, they are. Thank God is not that bad. But you know, like they say, literally, a person can cough. And this this Corona virus could be floating in the air for up to an hour, and it's you can just breathe it in or it lands on your clothes and you might not show symptoms for one or two weeks.

spk_0:   5:13
No, I think that's what's been the hardest part about. This whole thing's in Started is, you know, for quite a few years now, we obviously as people have been waking up a lot, and now we know how much the media lies and puts on whatever. So now you know, now we're in a pandemic in position, and then we don't even know what to believe now. So that's like the hardest part. That's where the fright, that's where the fright comes from were afraid, because it's like, Well, I don't know what's real and what's not. Do we believe them? Is it that bad? Is it not? You know, I'm saying,

spk_1:   5:45
Well, it's like I still remember back from the early eighties. I was in elementary like Grade two and I don't know why, but I watched a documentary on HIV needs back that when I was really on and they they showed all kinds of pictures of the virus and you know how it couldn't really be transmitted through kissing and and all the stuff in. And then I look at how how all the research has changed on that. And just the other day, I read a report on Corona Virus compared four other infectious diseases, while number four on the list was H I V. And it opened my eyes up even further to find out that this particular virus we've been battling for almost 60 years of research and within that 60 years, coincidently just last month, the second person ever has been fully cured from HIV. And that really concerns me deeply. Because if it's taken 60 years to fully cure only the second person from that particular Viars, what could that mean for us? Long term dealing McCrone here like this just could be a everyday factor. Life now we could be dealing with a deadly strain of the flu. Yeah, everyday thing, it could be five. It could be 10 years. It could be 60 years before we're fully vaccinated. And if that's really the case, we have to prepare to just, you know, stay defensive.

spk_2:   7:19
But who are the new light of the New World? And you were

spk_1:   7:26
It is it really is, You know, when we've had exposure to other viruses and stuff in the past and and you know, the truth of the matter is the scenes gone worldwide is below one. Read a proportion and you know

spk_2:   7:40
the economy is destroyed, then calling me by soul way

spk_1:   7:46
and that that's the ire thing like way. We got to take a look at the economy right now, and everybody should be positioned for a rebound because regardless if we get vaccinated or not,

spk_2:   7:58
no way

spk_1:   8:01
we're going to all have to naturally figure out a way to build up personal defenses and that if we do get this, we survive. Hopefully, we get vaccinated in short order. But ah, you know, even if the vaccine doesn't become relevant, the world still gonna have to move forward. We can't go on a long term shutdown for years.

spk_0:   8:19
Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

spk_1:   8:21
And we're gonna have to learn to cope as a society. We're all in it together. And we should all be looking, Ah, finding financial stability in this. Like I know one thing that's really caught my eye in the short term here is oil prices. Now, oil prices really reflect on supply and demand. And I don't know Do you know what the oil price was before this actual whole ah, crisis started to kind to kick into effect either One

spk_2:   8:51
way not

spk_0:   8:52
off hand. Man,

spk_1:   8:53
I think from when I looked at my charts lost it was it was hovering around $60 a barrel more and in my, you know, past weeks of doing some research have actually looked at crude prices and they're down close to $20 a barrel, hovering around 22. Some people say it could go down as low as 18. Wow, Now, in a historical 70 year timeline, we haven't had oil prices like this for more than maybe a matter of, like, a week over the loss, like 70 years. Maybe a couple times. No, I really believe this puts us at a potential to go into a bullish market on oil prices and possibly get some financial gains off of this. Now. That said, if the world economy stays at a standstill and things don't pick back up, we're going to have a surplus of oil for a long time. And maybe the prices will never recover up to the $60 bell. We might still be hovering at 2025 $30 a barrel, which could be good just for day to day activities. But I don't know, um, do you have any other ideas on ah, where to position your money and, ah, the reopening of the world markets. Chris Air

spk_2:   10:19
Mark, I have no idea. I just hope that we're not all very screwed anyways. So too late a lot, Paul. Maybe we can recover from less.

spk_1:   10:30
Well, I know there's been a lot of damage to a lot of people's lives right now. Like you yourself, Chris, you just got removed from your school programming,

spk_2:   10:39
and I would through, but yeah. Yeah, like a lot of people lost their jobs while the people are basically a lot of people are in debt. Yeah, the guarantee. They have no choice. They have to pull those credit cards of mining. Credit is no, no, wait. Avoid doctors if they are working. So

spk_1:   11:01
And it seems like lots of the government relief programs there only for a very short term order here, like, 36 months. They're offering some support.

spk_0:   11:08
Yeah, but when that support is to be paid back, you Yeah,

spk_1:   11:12
it's just like, Oh, well, we'll let things slide for

spk_0:   11:16
that loan. You know, that's a here. What was alone for relief. What does your pain that back after this is over 50

spk_1:   11:26
percent of our population actually filed bankruptcy make it could actually resolved in people defaulting on mortgages. It could go back into, like, you know, the last recession when the housing bubble kind of burst and everybody had to foreclose in their homes. Make like what happens if, Ah, you know, there's a huge flood in the market of people that can't pay their mortgages and the banks have to reclaim them all. Like like, where do you put your money that now she to really be pulling out of real estate as fast as possible to jump the curve? Or should you just be holy

spk_2:   12:00
modal while you really won't you? Look, you look at all you look at

spk_1:   12:07
all the businesses going like bankrupt right now, Chris, they'll have their doors closed. Some of them might not be able to re open. Yeah. Now what if they don't actually fully recover? What if What if they get their? You know if they have toe, if they can't pay their mortgage payments and they have to foreclose their homes, then the market's going to be flooded with properties that the banks have had to seize because these people might have. These people might have to go back into, like, a regular kind of like work program. Maybe they won't be business owners anymore, or they might have to actually mortgage their homes to get business loans. And if there's another outbreak of Corona and then you have to shut down further, then they're going to be in a position where they're going to have to clean bankruptcy in order, claim bankruptcy. You're going to have to basically forfeit your hopes. So I I question now, like, is the housing market stable right now? How long before it actually is taking a hit? It's not going to be the short term thing. Like Corona has only been relevant in our lives for like, how long's it been, Mark that we've been on quarantine A boat?

spk_0:   13:22
Oh, I've been why? Oh, twice in right. 22 day 70. This I don't even notice. It's been like I feel like I've been locked up for on Yeah, probably 22 days

spk_1:   13:35
and see, like, I'm kind of essential service. So I'm still working through cause, you know, even in the countertops were still dealed is essential to keep the rest of the trades moving on the construction platform.

spk_0:   13:47
Yeah. Yeah,

spk_1:   13:48
And I'm just thankful that we've been able to stay open because I know for a fact I would have been in extreme financial distress if I would have had to take in the last couple months off.

spk_0:   13:59
Yeah, for sure.

spk_2:   14:00

spk_1:   14:01
But, Chris, you're a homeowner yourself, right? How comfortable do you feel in the stability of your value of your property?

spk_2:   14:12
I have money from when I sold my original plays. Oh, Okay. What? You Yeah, In a position where I'm not really super early. Not about by this thing.

spk_0:   14:33
But what about your schooling? How did it affect your

spk_2:   14:36
schooling? I am currently looking for work because I left school. Oh, because well, I'm ahead of the class for the most part for you had from my, uh, because I saw sometimes checked in on people from school, and they're not at my level. And when I did, um, go Checo e showcases stuff. They're kind of not very good.

spk_1:   15:09
How did the whole how did the whole corona epidemic affect the actual schools that you were attending?

spk_2:   15:18
Like am all my schooling now a lot of the person's air, only.

spk_1:   15:25
So they're actually still trying to proceed forward with school. You're

spk_2:   15:29
trying to do it? Some people that oven point decided that's a week. I am both. That was like the current thing basically just enforce my decision making way. This school is not teaching me much. So I'm like and I'm way ahead already. And I'm even further as and I want before now that I'm not in.

spk_1:   15:52
So do do you feel like this? This this actual shut down If everything might actually

spk_2:   15:59
really good, it's a good good for me

spk_1:   16:03
because you're basically gonna have a lot more opportunities to apply for work now that people are actually withdrawn until their isolation

spk_2:   16:12
that we're OK. Like there's a day the people that were attending they're kind of threw, especially ones that have the word no worked at school, their legs. There's fruit. It's no longer probably a single doctor, Albert, because a lot of students, they were from Alberta. So a lot of people die. They're like, Yeah, yeah, So that is like, school. Very now. Well, worth it. Well worth It looks cool in general, not worth it, but like depending on campus. But the point and I am definitely not work at all. E train down, down the boy. No.

spk_1:   16:53
Yeah, I know. It makes it really difficult. Like even my knees. She's, ah, doing some of her courses online now for her into your design program. And it's it's I feel not is beneficial. To actually do your courses online is to actually get to your classroom atmosphere and, you know, have a little bit of actual networking. I think the hands on style. Yeah, there is a lot more educational. Have you heard any of what's going to actually happen to, like, the younger generation and their schooling? Like, what happens with elementary and like, post second during our they just having, like, a write off for the year? Or are they just being given like,

spk_0:   17:33
No, no, no. My, uh, my kids? Yeah. My kids are doing online school.

spk_1:   17:38
Oh, they are doing

spk_0:   17:39
Oh, yeah, yeah,

spk_1:   17:40
yeah. Really? Yeah. Well, that's insured.

spk_0:   17:43
I imagine it's really different form, but yeah, yeah. Take a virtual class. Yeah.

spk_2:   17:52
Third, like now, like, way it in.

spk_1:   18:02
So what do you feel, Chris? Do you think this is gonna be a long term or short term?

spk_2:   18:06
Oh, my hope this clears up sooner than later.

spk_0:   18:11
Yeah, for sure.

spk_1:   18:16
And no, no. What are the chances of me and mark convincing you to get game to come to the outdoors this summer and have a couple of real life murders.

spk_2:   18:27
Ah, or I's gonna happen this year like

spk_1:   18:33

spk_2:   18:33
reveal a light as we know it. Now, Corona I

spk_1:   18:38
I follow Sophie Lui of the global news team on Twitter, and I actually seen her post up a tweet earlier, straight from Dr Barney, stating that a lot of the, you know, normal, major kind of large gathering events such as like the PNE and stuff are very likely not toe happen this year. But they are allowing us to get together in small groups and do things now. They might close someone like the provincial parks down and stuff. But if we go and a small group of like three people on rent a fishing boat, those type of things are going to be permitted. And I'm pretty sure the salmon fishing is going to be pretty decent this year. I'm pretty sure they'll try to open that up, and they're all there will be ways that we can get out there and, you know, still go exploring into the interior. Maybe, you know, go find a ghost town, go and find an Opel deposit. Are you know ghost towns are a really big thing here in B C. Mark, what have you learned about go stones in the last couple of weeks

spk_0:   19:46
off? I don't hold largest. There's a lot of them out there.

spk_1:   19:50
Have you? Ah,

spk_0:   19:51
I've never really, Um I got the chance to attraction. Find on and go toe. You experience that? Um, but yeah.

spk_1:   20:03
Have you? I thought you looked at some Ah, some groups on, ah, Facebook that we're actually showing some locations and some historical facts and stuff. Are there there any that actually kind of, like sparked your interest yet that you think that we can actually have access to Or Do you think we're going to really need to get it? If

spk_0:   20:24
you have, Like, I've been following Ah, gold trails and ghost towns on Facebook. You know, this really interesting spots. I mean, I I don't know for getting them or for him will to get the number, but no. Definitely would like to, um, assuming guy

spk_2:   20:44
they're all your microphones cutting off, By the way,

spk_1:   20:48
who's marks or mine?

spk_2:   20:50
Yeah. What? Marx?

spk_1:   20:52
Uh, yeah, I think I think it's filters a little off to the side.

spk_2:   20:56

spk_0:   21:02
Yeah, There's so many so many interesting places. I don't know, man, but like, you know, the question is right now is every doing Bill to get them?

spk_2:   21:10
Yeah. Nothing forever are.

spk_1:   21:14
Well, like I said, like like from the I. I think that crossfires might be here to stay longer than people care to admit.

spk_2:   21:26
Yeah, I'll be a little for a while, probably.

spk_1:   21:28
But we just got to try to stay vigilant and be smart about, or exposures and our self defense. And I really think that they're going to try to open up BC here to get the ball moving again in a very timely fashion. And as long as we don't have a huge second wave hit us, we should still get a decent summer to this whole deal.

spk_2:   21:51
Oh, pull it.

spk_1:   21:54
Yeah. Now I know for a fact that, like, I really I'm looking forward Teoh to get known exploring some this summer like I I kind of want to go over to Vancouver Island myself. But I know they're trying to turn people from going over to the island and even some of the smaller communities cause they they don't have the medical facilities to kind of fighting epidemic, and they want they want us to stay closer to home. So I'm thinking we might just, ah, kind of do some some local adventuring around here and maybe even, you know, get into elected the geo cashing aspect of things and and, you know, try to find some some local places that we can kind of check out around here. Yeah, It

spk_0:   22:43
was on your feeling comfortable enough there, Jimbo. They're good.

spk_1:   22:48
I am like, you know, like like we even got, like, see Wells free an R rating, Horseshoe Bay and, like, that's close to home. Like I'm game to Just go run a boat down there and head up and down the coast a little bit. Try to do some fishing and local area and, you know, like like I don't know. We'll just have to see how things play out in the coming months here. Like salmon fishing, weaken, do fairly close to home, maybe go to chill a walk. I'm not too concerned about going up there and, you know, even around hell's gate and stuff, they got lots of ah, you know, prospecting things that we can kind of investigate around there and you know, we'll just have to, like, you know, maybe not go too far. Oh, but I want it. I want to go and check some stuff. Like I know there's some abandoned mines in the chiller walk area We can go look at, I know places we confined courts crystals up near the hydro dam, off number wine. Yeah, and there's there's lots of opportunity that, you know, we don't have Teoh risk

spk_0:   23:49
motorboat that you mentioned. I think we talked over there the, uh, the opals and whatnot in the black older.

spk_1:   23:56
Well, I'm actually following ah, rock pounding kind of group on Facebook. Can't remember the exact name. If ah, you know any of our listeners air interested? Maybe I can try Teoh post up some information later, but, ah, there are actual precious opal deposits found in several locations and British Columbia And I looked up the mind. Five fell report and the key one are alone by this this one individual just outside Kamloops. And it's the Black Bay Opal deposit. Now, for my understanding, you can actually drive just upside. Oh, Kamloops. And I think you might have to get permission to go on some of the properties. But in the generalized area, they found really sharp looking near black opals. They have the common like more white opals. Lots of late flashes in them. And, you know, they've They've actually put a report that it could be, you know, economically feasible to mine the area. And it is just interested to know that we have, like, you know, Opal ized mineralization in several places and Burge Columbia, some being on the island and and you know they're there because it's that are sure that surely that people haven't found yet. So, you know, it's it's a good thing to always keep your eye open, for I've never actually found an Opel and its Ross they But I have seen pictures online of where people find them and, you know, you get a generally fairly common looking rock. But, Chris, have you ever actually done any kind of ah rock collect sting? Or actually, you know, how do you experience is out there and like nature camping like taking Boeing?

spk_2:   25:48
Um, not in a long time.

spk_1:   25:53
What's Ah. What were some of your memories from when you were younger? Were some places you've been and actually experience.

spk_2:   25:59
They go. I go camping one time, going over the kid. Yeah. I don't like it.

spk_1:   26:10
What? What? What kind of turned you off of camping? And like, where whereabouts worry out by Harrison are?

spk_2:   26:16
No, I don't know where it was because, like, tomorrow before.

spk_1:   26:22
Mm, That's kind of interesting. You should a lot of people really, really enjoy get note with their younger and kind of ah, you know, experiencing the old doors. But it isn't for everybody. You know, it's you. You are a really tech savvy guy, and I can see kind of disgruntled being out there in the wilderness.

spk_0:   26:42
Yeah, I don't know.

spk_1:   26:45
But I hope we can convince you to actually come out. There are at least a day trip with us a summer. And you know, we can find something that maybe you can have some interest in two. And that you can you can bring a piece of nature back with you and actually have it is like a keepsake and kind of like a memory piece. I know. Ah, there. There are lots of things I haven't done yet, and like some of them include, like wait water rafting. Ah, caving experiences. I hear there's thousands of caves just waiting to be discovered on Vancouver Island. But they are also kind of ah, dangerous to explore. You have to be prepared, usually go with the team and you got to be careful not to disturb things in the actual cave environments because they've taken millions of years to form. Uhm mark, for some of things, you you like a boat actually getting out there and you know, adventuring and seeing

spk_0:   27:42
what I like about it. Just relaxing, man. And, uh, I don't know, just kicks my anxiety away and whatnot that I struggle with, and I feel free. How do how

spk_1:   27:57
do you feel about like people coming for a motive province and actually, like hunting are animals and fishing or environments? And do you think it should be encouraged? Or do you think it should be kind of like restricted somewhat?

spk_0:   28:15
Hmm, that's a good question. I mean, I don't really feel it's up to me, you know, but yeah, I mean, I feel we should build Teoh, do what we like to do, and other people could enjoy and do what they like to do? Um, you know, maybe in ah, restricted way where we're not compromising anything or anyone, All right? Full of some guidelines and just managed properly. Why not? I mean, I don't see why an outside person could. You'll come and enjoy. And

spk_1:   28:56
well, I know I I've heard like, uh, you know, there's been some controversy over like, you know, big game hunters coming from around the world, just hunting for trophies and stuff and not really, you know, hunting for food. It's I I kind of get the whole sport aspect behind it. Like I know I I really enjoyed a sports fishing. And I feel like, you know, sports hunting, in a way is kind of, you know, it it's it's it's side. In some ways,

spk_0:   29:27
it is. I don't believe in that it at all like, I mean, I get the sport aspect to it, but I believe you need to use the whole and no, I'm saying you can't just take something off it and leave it like that. Such I've seen bedroom. That's actually wrong.

spk_1:   29:45
What do you think, Chris? Do you think killing for sport should be banned? Or should it be kind of promoted is like Ah ah, tourism future?

spk_2:   29:55
Uh, I don't know. I think it's cheap. It's like a like a throne animal and would be bad. Like, what's the find?

spk_0:   30:03
Yeah, you should have to use all of it. Should be. No. Yeah. None of it goes two ways, you know? Yeah. You know, just leave the courtesy. It's just wrong. That's just wrong and wrong. Yeah, I got Would you feel, man? I come shoot me, take my ear and just leave me. I mean, you know, no manager. That's why I feel like, yeah, there should be guidelines and and rules regulations. But, like, I don't see why. You know, outside people can comedian and, you know, enjoy their sport or what they like to do. Do you?

spk_1:   30:52
Yeah. I really think that people have to have respect for nature, and they have to respect the guidelines settled by, you know, the d fo and follow hunting regulations, and, you know, really, really respect nature when they go. Won't I know it's been ah, big problem in the past of people going up on the east and west side of Harrison and, you know, even even off road groups where they really tear up a lot of the actual roadways up there and the campgrounds get trashed and they end up just closing off whole areas because more people don't respect. Um, no. And it's It's really important that when you you ghetto into the wilderness and your you're trying to enjoy things, that you leave things in a natural state and one here Yeah, and you don't you don't cause too much damage to the ecosystem. You know, Don't take more than you need. And don't don't destroy like no one likes to see things destroyed and ruined when they go to experience the natural environment.

spk_0:   32:02
Yeah, absolutely. How else can you continue to enjoy it?

spk_1:   32:11
I really hope we don't have a bad forest fire season this year. I know. I heard up in Squamish. They already

spk_0:   32:17
had heard that you would

spk_1:   32:18
like. I think it was 230 Hector's. Is that this morning as 35% contained. But

spk_0:   32:24
here, like what caused it like I know what human right? It always

spk_1:   32:28
well, from what I understand they were doing to control Burn, trying to clear a small sectional and

spk_2:   32:33
told bird that

spk_1:   32:36
sure back fired? No. And I think a lot of people have actually lost their homes. Like they had to evacuate

spk_0:   32:45
while we have lost. I

spk_1:   32:52
like I can only imagine how hard it is to get, you know, emergency aid for destruction from a forest fire during a pain of everything. Right now.

spk_0:   33:01
Yeah. My goodness,

spk_2:   33:04
man. Yeah. You have that insurance still a lot.

spk_0:   33:11
Oh, yeah,

spk_2:   33:12
honestly, you know, fires. You probably should have some Ensuring? Yeah. I mean, going up in fire on a regular.

spk_0:   33:24
Yeah. I mean, as as we know, obviously, you know, it's not the first time they've had fires up there, but yeah,

spk_1:   33:32
I was kind of shocked because, you know, Squamish is always seen is like the outdoor capital of BC. They got so much to offer. Just an hour outside of Vancouver. Here you go. Rock climbing, salmon fishing. They got, like, white water rafting.

spk_0:   33:47
Oh, yeah, they

spk_1:   33:47
got like, everything is it's on the way to Whistler. You go up there for mountain biking, skiing, like, you know, if if you want to get out there and just kind of, like, you know, explore some and have a good time that that that's your wrote to take. And now it's already up in flames so close and early in the season before we can even really get out there. And you

spk_2:   34:08
get all this? Yes, the frowned upon to go vote of party and shit like the the whole You can see all the campground there. Ah, are shut down now anyway. Enough that I heard it on the news. Oh,

spk_0:   34:27
yeah. There wont be camping this year, you know.

spk_1:   34:29
Well, they'll they'll they'll open them up when they get this stuff away.

spk_0:   34:32
If they do, maybe yes, but as in your as it sits now, Yeah, they're they're not opening. There's not gonna be any camping season.

spk_1:   34:41
Really? That's what I heard that if I find that strange because they opened the beaches up already, how can they justify

spk_2:   34:48
their people? Do whatever they want Teoh.

spk_1:   34:55
But you think it can't ground would be more isolated if you're if you go camping and you're no associating with other with other groups of campers, the the other

spk_2:   35:08
No, but

spk_0:   35:10
you would think would be more isolated because you know, you got your own

spk_1:   35:13
wife. If they started with you know, like non essential travel, and they start opening up like business and schools again. They're going to have to follow suit and let people have recreation there. There's not going to be a complete cut off of all recreational activities, and everybody's just supposed to go back and, you know, work and do their daily routine and not have anything to look forward to.

spk_0:   35:42
Well, I bet it's going to be a while before anything like sports events, concerts, anything that that's gonna,

spk_1:   35:48
well, those air understandable because those air large, larger there's a penal, genic, confined building. But if you're talking to people going out to a lake in camping, like 10 20 meters apart in small groups,

spk_0:   36:04
yeah, I mean yours usually all have our own lots and yeah, I mean,

spk_1:   36:08
like it. It's not like rural jumping together and, ah, big tent and, you know, coughing on each other feel like so

spk_0:   36:18
usually my camp. I usually stick to myself. Read it anyway, right? I stick to my fire and I grow up my fish, and I don't really you know how much say hi to people, but that's, you know, I never joined Hammer and no, I I basically I feel like when I go, I'm out there for me.

spk_1:   36:41
Yeah, a lot of it is just, you know, I usually go camping in small groups. I don't I know some people like to go and, you know, have have big multi, you know, team kind of camp boats and stuff. And I think that's the thing that they have to try to discourage. But you know, if if you go into ah maintained forestry camps A and you're in a small group of like only three or four people, I think they should be able to sustain that this year and leave it open. And, you know, let's just pray it doesn't turn into a forest fire season again

spk_0:   37:14
that people are more. Yeah,

spk_1:   37:16
and, you know, like, uh, we get weather on our side this year. Like, that's one thing that really blows my mind about the Squamish fires. It's only mid April, like usually it's it's raining up in Squamish like 34 times a week. Still, and you know, they've had a dry spell. They have this uncontrolled burn. It's just twist the bad luck and and let's hope we have used our bad luck for 2020 up in the second half of 2020. Has some good karma come around like we We all need some good vibes to come out of this, and you know for sure. Absolutely.

spk_2:   37:53
The way this pandemic and the oldest other self stocking on top of it. Yeah, it does not look like a good don't look for 20 pointing at all. Only the worst year on record of

spk_0:   38:10
Well, I mean outside. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Outside the obvious. Yeah,

spk_2:   38:18
for modern is boy. But

spk_1:   38:22
that's that's one good thing you can say people. It could have been worse. It do the work they said

spk_2:   38:30
of the wife playing again.

spk_0:   38:33
So what I'm hoping from the soul, like is when it's all done. Whatever. Hopefully you know, we come out of it better, you know, like,

spk_1:   38:43
well, I really hope we could be more got again. I eat it is that

spk_0:   38:45
we don't get out

spk_1:   38:46
of people like that urinal Izabal or

spk_0:   38:49
get out of that so terribly worshipping. You gotta get out of Yeah, yeah, man, we gotta get out of that. We got Jetta that, you know, selfish thinking and you know, self Dean, like, you know, it's it's ridiculous.

spk_1:   39:08
Yeah, we gotta we gotta be supportive of each other. And I know it seems like we're going a little bit the opposite with the isolation now, but I think there are a lot of people are opening up their hearts and their there. They're willing to give that helping hand. They're willing to check up on those that need it. And, you know, I I really hope that people start to see that. Like, you know, we're all people across the world deficit. This affects us all equally.

spk_0:   39:32
Absolutely. I'm definitely seeing a lot of positive things. Don't mean during this some meanwhile,

spk_2:   39:38
well, you have the people because that's

spk_0:   39:49
that's that sad and wrong. That's saddened room. Yeah, that's messed up. But that's just I don't know. That's people.

spk_1:   39:57
And you know that we we should be thankful in a way that it wasn't us that got hit first. We we were able to prepare ourselves partially because they kind of got exposed. And, you know, they created the awareness. Like, can you imagine if it would have been, You know, burst? Columbia, Canada. First off freaking ground zero Corona virus Lake. Man, I I I don't know what would have happened if we would hide freakin like, 100,000 cases here and, like, you know, 10 20,000 dead already, Like, you know, it would be really tragic and, you know, yeah, in a way, maybe it would have been better, cause we don't have the huge population of people like they do in Wuhan, But, ah, you know, I'm just really thankful that, you know, we've We've had it mild here so far and, you know, knock on wood that it stays like that, that it doesn't come into a big wave here. I even look at how, you know, back in Toronto, there there's a lot of, you know, severity of the outbreaks there being so close to New York and Mm, it's ah, you know,

spk_2:   41:11
Yeah, your They are fortunate.

spk_1:   41:16
Yeah, in terms of cases, you know, there, they're they're astronaut.

spk_0:   41:21
I mean, like, I kind of expected it going away, because

spk_2:   41:25
that's like, Oh, well,

spk_0:   41:28
it's not just that. I mean, I expected that because New York is like the capital of business. I mean, that's Wall Street. They travel everywhere. That's

spk_1:   41:37
roll the businesses, but you look at So you look at British Columbia here, Mark. How maney. You know, Chinese people live here in Canada. How many, you know, business trips Do people have to go on on a regular basis? It's not like some of, like, the prairie Province province provinces where, you know, we have a really low, you know, Asian ratio of people like here. You know, Asian culture is really a prominent thing here in V C that we way have.

spk_0:   42:09
And here is your

spk_2:   42:11
er I think they own number the Yeah,

spk_0:   42:18
here we are. And here we are with the lowest numbers. This should, you know, for the listeners that should teach people. It's not just Chinese. And we shouldn't just, you know, the Asian people just like, you know, like, look it where we have a big majority here and just what we got the lowest numbers, you know, late. Some of the Louis numbers going, Let it. Come on.

spk_1:   42:46
Yeah, we

spk_0:   42:47
got to get off of that media poisoning,

spk_1:   42:49
really questioning how some of the results and, like, you know, the, uh, like, the way deaths have been reported in certain countries. over others like you look at like Like, I don't know. It was like a couple weeks ago when I was really looking at the numbers. But I know, like around Italy and Spain and compared op in Russia. It was it was like polar opposites, like, you know, the amount of cases compared to the amount of deaths was was not matching up. Like, you know, 11 city had more like like 50%. Yeah, but they

spk_0:   43:30
are very true. Yeah,

spk_1:   43:31
the amount of death seemed really high at the time and certain areas compared to others. And it was like, you know, like like one place had, like, you know, a couple 1000 cases with, like, you know, only a few deaths, and then the other was like, you know, major deaths and, you know,

spk_0:   43:48
you and

spk_1:   43:49
it It just made me question if there was, like, you know, a different variety of the Corona, maybe there's like a mutation of it already owed are. But, like, I I'm so kind of like, you know, not researched in the whole aspect of things. But I I actually want to spend some more time over the covering. Coming weeks and see how you know the rest of the world of standing up. I know I heard that India is supposed to be a major concern right now because they have ah ah, lower grade of medical system. And they have large areas of, you know, people in poverty and high, high high numbers and population and confined areas. And, you know, if if the virus does break out in enforce and some of those kind of, like, you know, lower economic places, are we going to get reporting back like, are we even going to know the numbers of, Ah, the infected? The lost is it, You know, our people just going to be staying inside and just trying to suffer it out, you know, it's, um it it's hard to kind of judge across the whole world here and, like, you know, the world

spk_0:   45:04
is she was said, the media over dealing with We don't know what to believe. You know, the numbers are given that so I don't know. Are they really? Do we believe him? Shit.

spk_1:   45:15
Yeah, it's a good question, like, you know, like like I hate to say it, but propaganda has been used by governments across the world throughout history and and, you know, my Blake

spk_2:   45:29
control, control, fire years, fire, whatever the media's law government.

spk_1:   45:40
Well, all we can hope is that, you know, things work out for the best in the end. And you know, we all we all come through this together and and you know, the world would be a better place after this is all said and done. But I think I got to take a break. Guys, it's it's it's been Ah, it's been a good discussion and I think we should ah, tryto look at ah, addressing this issue again and ah, coming days, maybe week. And we'll we'll start to get geared up for moving forward and and life, you know, post quarantine and let's let's stay positive and let's get out there and try toe, you know, game for life. You know, let's have some more life experiences and, you know, see what the world has to offer. There's, you know, we can't dwell on the negativity. We got a live with what the world's you know, deltas in this handy Kurds and you know Plato.

spk_0:   46:45
Yeah, life is always deemed for us So let's be always deemed for life. So, yeah, stay positive. Stay strong. Will get through this and, uh, you know, a peace and love, so